An agency close to you

Every day, we help our clients reach their goals through our digital tools.
Whether you are in Switzerland or at the other end of the world, we are able to stay in touch thanks to web technologies.
This proximity is what allows us to give the best of ourselves, because your success is also our success.

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Meet our team

Derek Crevoisier

Founder & Project Lead

Derek started working as an independent web designer in 2015 before founding basiics. Located in Neuchâtel, he will take care of managing your project and communication.

Franck Kosellek

Lead Developer

Benefiting from more than 10 years experience in Prestashop development, Franck is the senior developer assigned to your website and he will manage our dev teams from France.

Why basiics?

We believe that a website should not be difficult to manage or understand for you. It also shouldn’t be difficult to use for the client.

This personal simplicity is what drives basiics. Personal, because we establish a privileged rapport with you from the beginning — our project lead will always make time for you and we happily travel throughout Switzerland to see you personally as needed.

Simple, however, does not mean naive. Consumers today demand engaging, optimised and powerful websites to make their purchases on. And you yourself certainly need analytics and monitoring tools to serve those needs. You likely use third-party solutions and want them to communicate between each other, and your website.

We are more than a web development agency to whom you contract a technical project. We know ecommerce to our core, et we want to advise you on best practices, latest trends and future evolutions, and determine with you the best solution to your problem beyond the website itself.

We picked a partner agency in France to develop our websites because we have known them for many years and share the same values. They created their fame in France years ago and are notably one of market leaders in ecommerce maintenance in their region.

Why pick us?

We want our collaboration to produce exceptional products.

A trustworthy partner

From the moment you contact us, we never leave you by yourself!

An expert team

Our developers have been working together for years. They are a tight-knit team that gives the best of themselves every day.


We use digital tools that allow us to stay in touch quickly, and permanently.

An advisor

Our project and development leads are well immersed in the online world and will gladly advise you before any decision.